Mission Statement

Since the launching back in April 2012, the principle vision of The iPhone Arts has been to promote and support mobile photography and its artists, by providing an understanding of mobile photography to the community at large.

We are firmly committed to seeing mobile photography and mobile multi-medium being accepted as a new and viable art form and that this new art form takes its place as an equal among fine art and it’s peers.

We also believe it is important to educate a much younger audience who have only known mobile or digital SLR photography and know little of photographies past. For this reason we recently introduced a new series, Looking Back, which features snapshot of all kinds of photography, from the early days to the present. Looking Back is just that, looking back at the history of photography and the footsteps that brought us to where we are today.

While The iPhone Arts whole heartily endorsees and supports mobile multi-medium, which has been re-defining photography, we also believe that traditional fine art photography can be achieved with a mobile device, despite its limitation or advantages. The idea is that no matter what camera one uses, it is the human eye that is responsible for our art and that the bases of photography remains the same—the taking of pictures—documenting the way we live and save our memories by tangible means. 

In the summer of 2014, The iPhone Arts will begin showcasing mobile artists who have collaborated on a specific project and will also be having a ‘Call for Portfolio Submissions’ in order to feature the work of up-and-coming new artists.

As the mobile photography community grows, we too will be there every step with you. Building on a dream and sharing the rewards, as iPhoneography is a new photographic territory, whose history we are about to write together.

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