Relight, a New HDR iOS Application

For the last two months I have had the pleasure and privilege to beta test Relight. During that time the application underwent many changes and from what I have been told by the developers at Code Organa, there are a few more additions coming real soon in future updates.

Relight is not only a real-time HDR camera application, with eight unique modes, with fifty-three artistic and photo enhancement/corrections presets, but Relight is an application with an extensive post-editor, allowing the user to import other regular non-HDR photographs and edit their photograph to bring our the very best results possible.

One of the many things Relight accomplishes is being able to adjust all settings live before taking the exposure and seeing the effects right on your iPhone screen. This feature alone makes Relight very a valuable application to have in one’s toolbox. Now not everyone has the time to edit prior to taking the image, so don’t worry, take the photograph before the action is lost and do the editing afterwards.

Shot with Relight - Non-HDR version JPG file

Shot with Relight - HDR version TIF file
Not dark areas are naturally lighter. Default setting Enhance #1

Now everyone has a different opinion about HDR and what I like about Relight when using the application to capture images, is that the results look natural and appear more like how the human eye sees and renders the scene. Of course if you prefer a more HDR appearance, that can be accomplished by going to Settings and selecting your preference in the Default Mode. The default mode is Enhance 1. Currently there are fifty-three preference modes available to the user can set to have consistent images to their liking.

Using Relight Post Editor to edit previous HDR photo

Though the iPhone’s native camera does provide HDR, Relight goes far beyond, by providing the user with ample control over the appearance of the end result of the photograph.

Even if you are not into HDR photography, I seriously suggest that you should have a serious look and consider trying Relight because it improves the over all look of your photograph, especially since a great percentage of one’s images suffer from some kind exposure imbalance and this is were Relight comes to the rescue. 

Final version
Russian Orthodox Church, San Francisco, California

Check out and to purchase Relight at Apple’s iTunes store by clicking here.

Code Organa’s mantra is “We make high tech fun” and Relight makes it easy and exciting to create HDR images with ease.

NOTE: All images shot and edited with Relight beta version.
©2015 Egmont van Dyck - All Rights Reserved - iPhone 6


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