The ShoulderPod R1 Pro is Coming

Last year, Enrique and his design team introduced us to their successful ShoulderPod S1 3-in-1 Smartphone Grip (link to my review). Now they have developed the Shoulder R1 Pro Smartphone Grip for the mobile photographer, filmmakers, journalists and travelers. They also developed R1 Go, a smaller version of the R1 Pro.

Right now ShoulderPod is taking orders for the R1 Pro and R1 Go, limited to 1000 units, with plans to ship to those who have preordered by/around the end of November.

All images are of the R1 Pro

The two handle R1 Pro (from the images provided) reveal that it is designed to hold multiple accessories, such as light(s) and/or microphone and the single handle unit R1 Go, handles only one accessory. 

While I have not seen or tested either the R1 Pro or the R1 Go, I am looking forward to receiving both units for extensive testing under numerous situations, especially since the S1 3-in-1 Rig has been my go to accessory when shooting a portrait, macro, product or editorial still-life.

If you wish to to get yours before they are gone, I suggest that you click on any of the links below.

ShoulderPod Home Page
ShoulderPod R1 Pro
ShoulderPod R1 Go
ShoulderPod 3-in-1 S1 Rig

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