First Friday of the Month - Brussels HipstaPak Revisited

Earlier this month I reviewed the HipstaPak Brussels and despite my few reservations, I had recommended the lens and film combo. I still stand firm on my review, so why am I revisiting this HipstaPak? Just because I have reviewed an item, it does not mean I do not continue to test and try an item after publishing my findings and so it was with the Brussels combo. 

During a walk, I came upon a pond with numerous wonderful Koi of various splendid colors and sizes, that within seconds the iPhone was engaged and I quickly decided to use the Hipstamatic Classic camera application. After my first exposure and having a look at the results, I was intrigued and decided to continue  shooting. With every additional exposure I became more and more excited, now finding myself workings seriously at various elements to obtain that one image where everything comes together as one.

The Brussels lens and film has a tendency to turn areas into solid color by stripping any detail from the subject. While I did find this irritable in general, under the circumstances in which light, shadows, reflection and movement of the Koi, magic happened.

Not every image shot that afternoon was a success. There were many failures and just as many “just” alright, but then a small handful on the other hand were better than just alright.

The other reason why I am so excited by these results is that the movement of the water interacting with the reflections, created the appearance of a special effect that was achieved in post production. 

A few weeks later I came upon another pond with Koi fish and after a couple of exposures, it was clear that light, shadow and reflections were needed to be able to achieve the kind of results I had a couple of weeks earlier. 

When I have the opportunity to return to the original location, I can only hope that I will have perfect condition between light, shadows, reflections and movement, in order to have a chance in achieving the perfect photograph.

Note: All photographs in this post have not been altered or retouched in post production, except for one, “The Solitary Koi.” 

The Solitary Koi

All photographs taken with an iPhone 5S by
©2015 Egmont van Dyck - All Rights Reserved

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