iPrep Tablet Holder Review

Ever since the 2014 MacWorld Conference, where many iPad holders and stands were unveiled, with prices ranging above the one-hundred Dollar mark, this little gem, the ‘iPrep’ from Prepara - a US company - has them all beat by a mile.

A few days ago I discovered the iPrep of all places at a bookstore, especially when you considers the company, Prepara specializes in kitchen gadgets.

The unit is perfect for many different situations, from watching a movie, reading a book in bed or handy as the products box shows in the kitchen, or as I do, using the iPad when editing and post processing my photographs.

The iPrep is light weight, folds up nicely, it has a non-slip grip base, which keeps the iPrep stand planted in place, and the stylus is very useful and keeps the screen clean during use and when not used, it stores in the iPrep’s base.

Their websites claims it has four viewing angles, I say it has three, as for the fourth position, it could be considered that when the iPrep is completed folded back and leaned against an upright surface. The product measures 6.69” deep x 5.76” wide x 1.2” high when folded and weighs 0.54 ounces. It is made of BPE free plastic. The three positions lock in and there is an auto hinge lock release button on the left side of the base. One needs to use a little pressure in order to change the iPrep’s position or to fold it back for storage, but at least you know it won’t accidentally fold back when the stand is in use, especially while using the stylus.

The design of the iPrep is clean, functional and easy to clean. It will let you use your iPad mini or Air or other tablet in a portrait or landscape mode, with three different tablet viewing positions and comes with a stylus for basic tablet functions. It iPrep in white or black, though currently the black version is sold out. Best part, it is affordable at $24.99 US Dollar and comes with a TiPA recommendation.


Prepara website
Prepara iPrep stand

All photographs taken with an iPhone 5S
©2015 Egmont van Dyck - All Rights Reserved

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