Passport to My Neighborhood - Loosing a Friend

When last year I posted about a grove of California Buckeye Chestnut trees I accidentally discovered in 2013 and how this small piece of land, one square acre among the fields of vineyards, felt like stepping back to when Pterosaurs’ ruled the sky and Dinosaurs roamed the landscape. So when the opportunity arose last weekend I returned for a visit to observe the seasonal changes of a magical plot of land I had been in love with and to see my friend.

Walking softly on new ground cover soaked in the night’s dew which loomed amidst last autumn leaves thickly covering the ground, I made my way past low hanging branches and those that had fallen and scattered throughout the place. 

The Nature Conservatory Lyman Memorial marker

Even though the trees still had no new growth, it was still a mysterious and magical place as when I was here the first time. Momentarily patches of golden light dappled the ground with warm golden sunlight which had broken through the mist still lingered amid the trees.

I had returned not only to see the changes but also stand before a majestic California oak tree I called my friend. It may be hard for some to understand that I call a tree my friend.

My friend, the majestic California Oak tree

As I make my way through the random maze of trees, I came to stand before the great one, only to discover, he no longer stood proud and tall, reaching for the sky. 

Now before me lay the fragmented pieces of what is left of the trees upper right side that shattered upon impact with the ground. Even now, the remains gracefully lay in an abstract pattern amidst other fallen pieces, creating an incomplete maze. I take a few more pictures, as if documenting a crime scene. 

Though very saddened at the loss of my friend, who much older then myself, for had seen the valley’s fields around him cleared of trees and rock, and replaced with countless rows of grapes for wine. 

Soon I shall return to sit among the fallen limbs and branches and let time pass slowly, listen to nature.

All photographs taken with an iPhone 5S by
©2014 Egmont van Dyck - All Rights Reserved

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