The Monti HipstaPak Revisited - Part 2

Americana lens and C-Type Plate film applied in Oggl

On Saturday I featured examples of altering a series of images originally captured using Hipstamatic’s Sergio lens from the Monti HipstaPak I felt the overpowering drab yellow tint had limited uses as is, but when paired with a proper film, Sergio would redeem itself.

The previous post showed when the original image captured using Sergio with Sussex film was introduced to Oggl. As an alternative lens/film applied as a second layer with in Oggl, the photograph takes on a historical charm, the very intent by the photographers pre-visualisation prior to taking the image. 

Lowy lens and D-Type Plate film applied in Oggl

Not limiting myself to just this small selection of options, I’m also considering the US 1776 film as a second layer because of the graininess, no border and for the films complimentary appearance to the mid 19th century. The lenses considered with this film are Americana, Helga Viking, Jimmy, and John S.

As you can see by the first three examples with the US 1776 film, the degree of tonal values shift from slightly underexposed Americana lens to Helga Viking’s proper exposure. In order to achieve an over-exposed look, a few lenses served the purpose well, however I decided to use the lens Jimmy, due to it’s’ rendition of the over all scene; finally, John S lens because vignetting and a sense of underexposure.

Americana lens and US 1776 film

Helga Viking lens and US 1776 film

Jimmy lens and US 1776 film

John S lens paired with US 1776 film

Finally, I am considering retaining all color values but also making sure that keeping faith with the early days of photography, by using Blanko BL4 film. For my second layer of effect by selecting the Ray Mark II lens for that cool down of the warm color shift, Tinto’s 1884 over all antique effect and limited focus area. The John S lens for the various color shifts it produce, along with the feeling that the image is underexposed. 

Ray Mark II lens combined with Blanko BL4 film

Tinti 1884 lens and Blanko BL4 film

John S lens and Blanko BL4 film

Also considered is the Mabel lens, as it renders the photograph not only as a chrome image but also gives the gold a vibrancy and hinting of the highlights being blown out and lacking any details. During the review process, I also elected to include the rendition of the Americana lens with Blanko BL4 film for its color shifts but in a cooler spectrum.

Mabel lens and Blanko BL4 film

Americana lens combined with Blanko BL4 film

Regardless of the second layer of combination that is applied, one needs to remember the original layer beneath, all of which goes back to pre-visualising ones final results before beginning to shot and for the need to have a good understanding of Hipstamatic’s collection of film and lenses.

It is also very essential that when one wishes to emulate a certain look, a certain final appearance in a photograph, one must have at least an understanding as to photographies past. This means being familiar with the various alternative developing processes, but also the various commercially available films that were marketed throughout the last century. Let us also not forget the instrument itself, the different types of cameras and the lens.

Americana lens paired with Blanko BL4 film

A note about the images featured

The original images from this photo shoot have had any post work applied to it, so that they remain truthful to what result Hipstamatic produces. All images featuring examples of lens and film combinations, were screen captures using an iPad with Retina display.

All photographs taken with an iPhone 4S by
©2014 Egmont van Dyck - All Rights Reserved

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