ShoulderPod 3-in-1 Mobile Rig

ShoulderPos S1 Mobile Rig

Today is the official release date for the ShoulderPod S1 rig and in the next couple of days I should be receiving mine from Barcelona, Spain for review. 

The principle behind the ShoulderPod S1 is very simple. It is designed to accommodate numerous model types of mobile phones; in the capacity as a hand held unit; attached to a tripod mount; or used as a stand. 

While I have yet to try the S1 rig, I did wish to announce that the company is offering the ShoulderPod S1 for the next three days at an introductory price of $29.90 US Dollar, instead of the regular price of $34.90.

ShoulderPod demonstrated as a hand held unit

ShoulderPod shown mounted to a tripod

ShoulderPod S1 as a mobile stand

Clamp diagram

If you wish to take advantage of the introductory sale price for the ShoulderPod S1, check out their website for more information and to place your order.

ShoulderPod website: Click here

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