Passport to My Neighborhood - Accidental finds

Last Saturday I went to San Francisco to meet a friend and upon my walk from New Montgomery Street to where we were going to meet for dinner, which after a while seemed distant, I kept on the look out for anything interesting that I may wish to photograph.

I was not disappointed when stepping off the train and heading towards the escalators. All I had to do was wait for all the people to pass, those who had exited the train with me, before I could frame on the iPhone my first discovery.

As I made my way through various parts of the city, the wind was blowing with force, whipping between the tall buildings, and bringing with it a chill. I remained undeterred, pressing forward, looking at the architecture in the hope of discovering some interesting angle that could be juxtaposed with its surroundings.

Though I kept looking skyward, I remained also aware of the streets and sidewalks where other geometric patterns and abstracts could be discovered, the kind that inspire transformation with brush and paint onto large canvas. And while he architecture left me disappointed, the ground did not.

I am sure I could have made a few more discoveries, but by now I had reached my destination and it was time to meet my friend, have dinner and  then enjoy the Beethoven and Shostakovich performances at the San Francisco Symphony.

All photographs taken with an iPhone 4S by
©2014 Egmont van Dyck - All Rights Reserved

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