Mobile Master Winners at Putnam

The Empty Spaces Project, 114 Main Street, Putnam, CT. 06260

Last year Paul Toussaint was one of the Mobile Master’s winners and due to his efforts, has brought one of about the galleries major exhibitions. This coming month, The Empty Spaces Project Gallery will be hosting the 2014 winners of the Mobile Master competition.

Ann Monteiro and Paul Toussaint who run the gallery have combined their love for art and mobile photography, by creating a space, where the art not only can be exhibited but also reach an audience in educating that there is more depth to mobile then just clicking the plus button.

The two of them took an empty storefront in the small charming town of Putnam and with the collaboration of local businesses and individual volunteers, have brought about a not only a new business, but also have also fostered what it is to be a community. Due to the increased activities at The Empty Spaces Project Gallery, neighboring restaurant owner to fellow galleries and street musician have reaped the benefits from their efforts. These positive efforts of theirs have benefited the community not only on a social level but also economically as well.



Artwork by Anika Toro and Craig Corbin

About The Mobile Masters 
by Dan Marcolina

Mobile Masters is a 2 year old venture to reveal the best art and tech of this new underground mobile photo movement. It started last year at Macworld where we brought together over a dozen of the highest profile artists developers and bloggers to reveal their processes and passion in an epic 9 hour workshop, the largest gathering of mobile talent to date. After which a companion interactive iPad eBook was created (shown to the right) that captured even more detail from the invited artists. And has been sold in over 60 countries. This year along with another epic Macworld workshop we decided to do an open call for entries into the eBook. This created a way to gather a more diverse and undiscovered group of work. For me it was less of a contest and more of a collection and curation process with a minimal fee to support the creation of this show and folio.

After quite a long, loving journey through thousands of images from 32 countries and 323 individuals the six judges have boiled it down the final featured artist shown in this edition. Present throughout the work was a consistent high level of skill and imagination and I come away inspired! There were many people who were right on the verge of making the cut and no one should feel discouraged to not have made it. Anyway this was more of a collection process for me than a competition. This new chapter in photography has really just begun... the possibilities and opportunities for the future are wide open. After you browse through this show and the eBook I think most of you will agree, the bar was pretty high.

The Judges By employing a balance of world class fine arts and mobile photography judges, the goal of this exhibit was to objectively identify and showcase the world’s top artists who are breaking new ground in mobile image discovery and invention. To PROVE the unique results from the form and function of mobile photography has crossed the threshold of acceptability and is a distinctive new movement in the history of the art form. The Mobile Movement.

The Mobile Exhibit 2014 runs from May 2 through June 1

The gallery is closed on Monday and Tuesday. 
For further information call 1.914.620.5144

The Empty Spaces Project Gallery FaceBook page
Mobile Masters at iTunes

Gallery photo by Paul Toussaint

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