BlogLovin' - a review

For some time I have wished for an application that will track all the websites RSS feed that I am interested in without having to use Blogger’s Reading List that was never very convenient. So when I recently discovered a program that not only works on the iPhone but also on the my Mac BookPro laptop I just had to try it. I am referring to BlogLovin’, created by a group of individuals in a garage in Täby, Sweden.

iPhone 4S screen shot of BlogLovin’

BlogLovin’ really shines on an iPhone or the iPad with the programs simple yet elegant interface to help you discover what you are really interested in, while also allowing you to completely customize the program with just your own favorite sites. Just in case you’re interested, there are 18 categories to select from art to wedding, including ‘Top Blogs,’ that will help you discover other sites. While you are in ‘Top Blogs’ you can set your preference for all categories but also if you want to scan all countries or a particular country, which I find very useful. The laptop version is also very clean and easy to operate, the ‘Top Blogs’ feature is missing and this includes being able to set country of preference. 

iPhone 4S screen shot of BlogLovin’

While there are also other BlogLovin’ features that will help you connect with friends from FaceBook to share your ‘Likes,’ the programs real power is that now all the websites I am interested in are quickly accessible on the iPhone/iPad or the laptop.

One other difference between the mobile version and the laptop, is that your settings are entered on the laptop version and because of this, I suggest downloading the laptop version first and entering all your information. Besides, while you’re setting up BlogLovin’, you will be prompted to enter your mobile phone number and shortly thereafter you will receive a text message with a link to download the mobile version of BlogLovin’.

So while your installing BlogLovin’, consider following my website The iPhone Arts.

For the desktop/laptop version of BlogLovin’ 

For the mobile version at iTunes

All photographs taken with an iPhone 4S by
©2014 Egmont van Dyck - All Rights Reserved

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