Another TiPA GiveAway - BrushStroke

Mike, Partner and a software developer with Code Organa has recently released BrushStroke, an application designed to turn your mobile photographs into works of art. This is not their first entree, that was the very successful application Toon Camera, which has an iTunes customer rating of 4+.

Mr Fencendini, Dairy Farmer

For a number of days I dived into the application and experimenting on a number of different photographs, only to discover the hidden potential of BrushStroke and when you consider this is only version #1, it is not only a great start but has an excellent foundation to build upon. Stay tuned for an extensive review and tutorial of BrushStrokes coming real soon.

Here are a several photographs I altered with BrushStroke and I caution you, BrushStroke is addicting to use and the more you use it, the more you will discover about BrushStroke.


The Oak - ver. 2

A Grove of Trees

We received 5 codes to giveaway of BrushStroke and if you would like your chance at being one of the winners, here is what you will need to do.

1: You need to leave a comment and most important of all, include your contact information, so I can send you your code if you are one of the random winners.

     If no contact information is provided and your name was drawn, another winner will be chosen in your place.

2: Five winners will be chosen by random drawing on Monday, March 15 by 6 pm PST. Drawing closes on March 15 at noon PST.  When you go to comment, do not be fooled by ‘0’ Comment, it is a glitch that just loves to confuse people.

3: You can double your chances by connecting with me through Google Plus.

                         Good Luck!

BrushStroke is available on iTunes 

Toon Camera, their other program is also available on iTunes


UpDate: The results of the drawing are in

Congratulations to the winners . . .
                              I look forward to seeing what you have created.

          Carlos Austin
          Jim Neuer *
          Yassir Abbis
          Bill Munder
          Robyn W

Your codes will be sent shortly with instrutions on how to redeem them.

Thank you all for your participation in TiPA’s second GiveAway and a special thank you to Mike from Code Organa for making the program available.

Jim Neuer just sent me a message that he could not wait and so purchased the application and found it rather addictive. So he told me gift his code to another person and from the remaining names I have drawn Bobbie Altman.

All photographs taken with an iPhone 4S by
©2014 Egmont van Dyck - All Rights Reserved

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