My Exhibit at The Empty Space Project Gallery

This month some of my iPhoneography photographs are appearing at The Empty Space Project Gallery in Putnam, Connecticut. The person and curator behind the gallery concept is Paul Toussaint, also an iPhotographer whom we have featured here previously, when reviewing his iScape Exhibit earlier this year.

For the December 2013 exhibit, I conceived and developed six images, all especially for this show, with a main theme being, that they are all still-life based. For a few weeks I scoured one of my favorite locations in Berkeley for possible items, when I decided to settle for eating utensils from the 30s and 40s. After several visits, I managed to acquire a good number of them, along with tools and drill bits, while other items or props came from around the house.

For me the creation of a still-life photograph means trying out a number of different compositions and since this is mobile photography, it also means using a number of different camera application and even different lens and film combinations to find the right one.

After preliminary tests shots with the utensils, including using the other items that were collected, I settled on two of the three utensil still-life finals. 

Time Forgotten I

Time Forgotten II

Using an old newspaper form 1945 as a backdrop for my garden leather gloves, I placed a monkey wrench I had obtained as a prop and used an old screwdriver to create a nostalgic set. It was composed and shot looking straight down, but as I removed the iPhone from the tripod, I decided to take a few more exposures coming in at an angle. This unplanned action resulted in being the shot that was selected for the show.

My Father’s Tools

Next I worked on the drill bits but decided to replace them with glass insulators because I was not getting the results I Had envisioned. While I only had two insulators, my good friend and neighbor John, gave me three he just happened to have laying around.

Once again I employed the old newspaper as a filler for the empty spaces between the insulators and the crate being used as a background.


Months earlier I had grown a few pumpkins and after making my Thanksgiving Day card, I decided to include this one as part of the exhibit.

Autumn Harvest

John also came to the rescue by helping me with items to used for the Boston Red Socks tribute for winning the 2013 World Series photograph, by letting me have his fathers catchers mitt and bat, topping it off with John’s own Red Socks cap.

Boston Red Sock — World Series 2013 Winners

Now that I had made my final selection of which images to include for The Empty Space Project, getting them printed was another gut wrenching matter. After several attempts using different papers, one was found that provided true interpretations of what I intended and had on my monitor screen, but there was still one more step. 

Packaging and Shipping

      The Empty Space Project Gallery
      114 Main Street
      Putnam, Connecticut, 06260


All photographs taken with an iPhone 4S by
©2014 Egmont van Dyck - All Rights Reserved

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