Passport to My Neighborhood - Chinatown, Part 2

The last weekend I have published the results of using Hipstamatic Buenos Aires HipstaPak, with Uchitel 20 film and the John S lens during a recent outing to San Francisco’s Chinatown.

The series continues by leaving the streets and entering a narrow alley next to a fish monger and heading to the back of the building, then climbing up the fire escape staircase to access the roof and see the city from another angle.

It is Saturday and it is laundry day. While laundry is not exclusively being done on a Saturday, it certainly is prevalent on that day. Hanging from balconies, fire escapes, and clotheslines that have been stretched across the rooftops, it reflects a routine in lives of the inhabitants.

The story of a trip down Stockton and some of the side streets through the eyes of fifty years ago does not conclude, it only closes a chapter, after capturing the look and feel of the presence and changing it into another time long ago with Hipstamatic Uchitel 20 film.

This certainly will not be my last visit, for I am drawn like a moth to a flame, seeking the opportunity in which I find the unexpected, the hidden moment distilled into a single photograph.

San Francisco Chinatown, Part II
by Egmont van Dyck

Mom and her little girl

Climbing up the back fire escape stairways

Saturday, it must be laundry day

The Pyramid Building

Looking down on Stockton Street

Coit Tower and laundry blowing in the wind

Seeing both sides of the window

Chinese Dumplings

Passage to the hidden

Just another day

Yl Trading Company

Laundry hanging outside the door

Heading home

A cigarette to pass the day

All photographs taken with an iPhone 4S by
©2014 Egmont van Dyck - All Rights Reserved


Carlos said...

Great series of images of Chinatown. Very unusual point of view.

Shane Martin said...

More great images. I love this series!

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