Passport to My Neighborhood - Chinatown, Part 1

Last weekend I posted the first few preliminary photographs I captured using Hipstamatic Buenos Aires HipstaPak. Wanting to truly test Doris lens with Uchitel 20 film in real world environment, I headed for one of my favorite locations, San Francisco’s Chinatown.

After a few exposures, I elected to replace the Doris lens with John S for more saturation, applying this combination to all photographs featured in this two part series.

Because Uchitel 20 film gives me a nostalgic look and one resembling the 50s and early 60s, I was very careful in choosing my subject matter as I wanted to create the illusion that we were not only back in time but also that the images were from the period this film emulates.

While taking these thirty images, it was also my intention to replicate the usual errors that would appear in pack of prints one picked up at the local drug store or camera shop, like images being out of focus or due to camera movement. In the end, it was also necessary to tell a story.

San Francisco Chinatown, Part I
by Egmont van Dyck

Stockton Tunnel

Exiting Stockton Tunnel and looking back

Father and Son out for a walk

Man selling trinkets 




Waiting for a friend

What to choose for dinner tonight


A familiar and friendly face

Looking in and seeing the outside

Food server

Hawking her wares

Getting caught up in the crowd

Alone among love

San Francisco Chinatown transports me to another land without leaving the country and no matter how often I have been there, I seem to always find something new. For me it is the Chinese people out grocery shopping early in the morning, but I also love the small alleys avoided by most but not by those living there.

Next weekend I will share the remaining fourteen photographs, especially the ones from the rooftop, that give another perspective rarely witnessed by tourists or others not living in the area.

All photographs taken with an iPhone 4S by
©2014 Egmont van Dyck - All Rights Reserved

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