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At all times I carry with me a small 3.5 x 5.5inch, brown kraft paper covered Moleskine Cahir pocket notebook and while this post is not about notebooks, it is about my notes and thoughts to describe photography while flipping through volume 25.

A good portion of these notations are abstract terms, along with questioning photography itself and then there are even words having nothing to do with photography, they are simply beautiful when strung together.

Many of us are not concerned about history or academic thinking regarding photography, only in obtaining good photographs and there are plenty of magazines covering technical education and rules of composition. What is mostly not covered is critical thinking and content in the abstract.

I look at photography as a personal art form of expression like my abstract paintings and as I seek a deeper understanding of my passion, so I also do with photography. While I am not a scholar of fine art photography, years of visiting museums, galleries or reading a good number of books on the subject, I have formed an opinion. An opinion that is still evolving and keeping pace with the times.

As you read the words, these fragmented sentences, remember they are random moments of lucidity and my words are not absolute, they are after all only opinions.

Word Play

                                 Coded messages          Aesthetics
                                 mythologized, personification
                                 general audience, *Tautological
                                 ambiguities inherent, stereotype
                                 hidden ideologies,
                                 photography copies reliable what
                                 it is focused upon but in no way
                                 documents reality.
                                 The anonymity of vernacular
                                 photographs that stand in the way
                                 of greatness.
                                 aestheticizing human suffering 
                                 photography as a transparent window
                                 a photograph that has been 
                                 manipulated becomes untrustworthy
                                 photography is a method
                                 what is the difference between
                                 unbiassed documentary and a 
                                 documentary that persuades, or
                                 are they impossible to separate
                                 seeing is skewed/slanted by
                                 strong held opinions
                                 a photographs intrinsic aesthetic
                                 Reportage          isolating
                                 subjective aspect in landscape
                                 [ landscape = the last refuge of
                                 disillusion ] sanctuaries 
                                 landscape = the last vestige of
                                 paradise before humans
                                 quality of anonymity 
                                 a conviction          Romantically
                                 comprehensive cataloging
                                 photographers are historians
                                 visual narratives of moments
                                 aesthetic intricacies of photography
                                 the optical consciousness/conspiracy
                                 surrogate camera = the mirror
                                 cameras surrogate = the mirror
                                  eloquent testimony
                                 even instinct requires thought
                                 In our minds we conceptualize
                                 Photography is intrinsic bias
                                 towards representing realistically

                                 Learning to get lost, is learning
                                 to see

                                 Thought: does photography make
                                 time transparent

                                 portraits are not just faces
                                 There is no such thing as straight
                                 There is no impartiality when
                                 it comes to photography 

All photographs taken with an iPhone 4S by
©2014 Egmont van Dyck - All Rights Reserved

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