Looking Back - Julius Caesar Born

Julius Caesar Born was born in Tennessee on May 24, 1879, and in 1905 with very little money he opened a variety store in Canadian, Texas, which quickly became a curiosity shop for the local residents and visitors. Julius operated the store for more than 50 years and lived in the back. He also operated a photography business in the same building, the results of which today greatly contributed to the communities history. 

His work reflects a technical and aesthetic innocence which was due to the fact Julius was a self-taught photographer, who’s craft did not mature until his later years, but he did have a gift for putting his subjects at ease. In the end, his body of work, not only documented the times, the heritage and humanity of a community, it permitted a community to hold on to its past even though most of the names of the individuals pictures are lost. 

From his images of World War I and II soldiers, to the cowboys, businessmen or well-composed ladies and restless children all of which collectively provide not only an in-sight into those decades, but reflects the foundation of a community of what Canadian is today.

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