Looking Back - Giancarlo Rado

It is not uncommon for some photographic projects to take years or even a lifetime, as with Bernd and Hiller Becher who collaborated on documenting industrial buildings and structures, or that of August Sander visually recording the German people in the early twentieth century, including the body of work of Robert Frank’s The Americans. Their dedication has left us with an incalculable social record of the times and Giancarlo Rado’s dedication to preserving a visual record of the inhabitants of Northeast Italy in The Italians, is such body of work.

The photographs, all environmental portraits capture not only the person’s unvarnished reality but also the surroundings of world they reside in or that of the Italian landscape. For it is Giancarlo’s purpose to visually describing the social changes of his country by describing the work of people here. And when he meets a potential subject, he ventures to their home or place of work, listening to their stories, all of which fuels Giancarlo’s inspiration.

Currently The Italians is a collection of over 400 photographs and still growing. 

The Italians


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