Looking Back - Keith Goldstein

New York based graduate from Cranbrook Academy of Art, commercial and editorial photographer Keith Goldstein has been documenting the daily life on subway trains whenever he commutes to and from work. Keith writes: “While we commute, we are crammed into small containers. Shielding ourselves from closeness with strangers, we enter a private space within ourselves.” 

Preferring to be a voyeur, as he too is occupying the same ‘internal space’ as his subjects, Keith does not hide the fact he is taking someones photograph. His body of work ‘Across the Aisle’ has grown to 225 photographs and 14 videos and the entire collection can all be viewed on his Flickr account.

Besides Keith, there were many others before him, like Walker Evans and Robert Frank who photographed the coming and goings on New York’s subways and there will be many more who become enamoured by the social fabric of the public transportation, finding themselves compelled to capture a moment in time.

34th Street


Man with Sunglasses and Arms Folded

Subway Love

137th Street



Friday 1/21/11

After School


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The entire Subway series with videos can be seen at pbase.

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