SHOOTER, the First Mobile Photography Magazine

Last February, at the annual MacWorld Convention held in San Francisco, I had the pleasure to meet Milos Kalvin, publisher of SHOOTER, and Luis Torres, managing editor and two other members of the team, Estefania Mendoza and Begoña Ferreira, promoting the first international magazine dedicated to the best artistic mobile photography.

Luis Torres, Milos Kalvin

The SHOOTER team from Spain was busy meeting with iPhoneographers at the Mobile Masters seminar, handing out complimentary issues of their first edition of SHOOTER. The magazine is a large high-end, 200 page, quarterly publication, showcases some of the very best mobile photography from 37 different countries.

The magazine was conceived at the end of 2011, by three enterprising amateur camera phone photographers. The three are Milos Kalvin, publisher and chief visionary; Lius Torres, managing editor; and Gonzalo Pubul, network developer.

SHOOTER is intended as a junction point for photo-swapping communities, and a medium for reproducing the most interesting work and sharing it with thousands of enthusiasts from around the world. Milos Kalvin describes their magazine as a “Countercultural and counter-trend product which is publicised and sold over the Internet, but uses a traditional high-quality paper format.”

He goes on to explain, “We want to take the virtual and make it tangible, to take the ephemeral and make it eternal, and to show the artistic heights that can be reached by sensitive, curious amateurs wielding camera phones.”

A very enthusiastic Milos supported by the SHOOTER team at MacWorld 2013
Luis Torres, Milos Kalvin, Begoña Ferreira, Estefania Mendoza

Each issue of SHOOTER carries several articles about mobile photographers in different countries, including interviews, and a guide to events of interest to our readers and of course, the magazine is packed with photographs.

The magazine’s circulation is supported via the concept of crowd funding, whereby the first 3,000 subscribers are also partners, friends, collaborators, patrons and shareholders. “We are looking for partners, not customers,” says Kalvin.

The first two issues of SHOOTER

Issue #1, photos by Giacomo Per 

Issue #2, photos by Mayka Navarro

Issue #2, photos by Karen Boulder-Devine

SHOOTER Magazine Team at Mac World 2013
Milos Kalvin, Estefania Mendoza, Begoña Ferreira, Luis Torres

I had a wonderful time with the SHOOTER team, especially our impromptu photo shoot on the second floor of Mascone WEST Convention Center. It also help greatly that my friend Carlos Austin from Texas was there to assist in translating our conversation to and from Spanish, especially since I know only a few phrases to get me by.

Begoña Ferreira, Carlos Austin at MacWorld 2013

For more information about SHOOTER, you can visit their Wordpress website
or their FaceBook Fan Page.

For a partnership subscription information please click here.

All photographs taken with an iPhone 4S by
©2014 Egmont van Dyck - All Rights Reserved


Carlos said...

Very nice...much Thanks! Muchas gracias!

Luis Torres said...

Thank you very much dear Egmont for this fantastic article!!!
Next year we will see you again in SF! Sure

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