One Year Later - Happy First Birthday TiPA

When The iPhone Arts was first conceived back in February 2012 and launched on April 21, I had no idea where things would lead to or how much mobile photography would consume my life. With twelve months passed, 87 posts behind me, more than 27,000 iPhone images captured, I find myself just as enthusiastic, if not more so then on that first day.

Happy First Birthday TiPA

There have certainly been challenges and growing pains but at no time did I lose interest or the websites purpose, which has been to promote mobile fine art photography. Though the website has undergone several content changes, there will be a few more in the coming weeks and months, as I construct a stronger foundation upon which to build the websites continued future.

One of the new categories I am proud to unveil in the coming weeks, is the collaboration of other mobile photographers, who are participating on a specific subject matter and their artistic interpretation of that subject.

I will also resurrect the features, What is on Your Bookshelf and Contact Sheet, and continue with the popular Hipstamatic Film and Lens Tests, including mobile phone exhibits reviews. Currently on the drawing board is a quarterly or twice-yearly call for portfolio submission.

I was sad to see come to a halt was the successful Weekly Showcase and Curator’s Choice. After the website was hacked, Google temporarily posted a warning about The iPhone Arts, which it lifted it 48 hours later, but FaceBook blocked me from posting the Weekly Showcase results for more than three months. I am considering bringing back the Weekly Showcase and Curator’s Choice, just not sure if it will be through Instagram or another venue like EyeEm or Flickr.

iPhone captured and iPhone post process
using 6x6, Snapseed, Laminar Pro and Blender

Since shooting with an iPhone, I have shown little of my own photography, especially the multiple projects that have taken months to accumulate. With a new series called Passport to My Neighborhood, I will be sharing some of my photographs. 

In closing, I wish to acknowledge and say thank you to my readers for your continued support and encouragement. Knowing you take the time to visit and occasionally leave a comment, means very much to me. So now, together we close one chapter, our first year and start upon our second year.

All photographs taken with an iPhone 4S by
©2014 Egmont van Dyck - All Rights Reserved


Test said...

I wish I had your talent. I have an iPhone and snapseed, hipstamatic and various other photo apps. All I see to take photos of are my felines!

Dianne Poinski said...

Congratulations and thank you for all your hard work here! This image is wonderful! I look forward to another year of TiPA!

Carlos said...

Thank you for sharing the love for mobile photography.

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