Street Photography - the right combination - part 2

          Part Two

The previous post focused on four different lens and film combinations that one might wish to employ for street photography. I left off with a couple of examples of Lens/Film: GSquad — Nike AO DLX, which provided me with a more contrasty and gritty results, especially when subjects were exposed to direct sunlight.

The following photographs were all taken within one block of Turk Street on Monday, March 11, 2013, and are shown in sequence. No post production or any manipulations was applied, so that the results reflect what is possible when using Lens/Film: GSquad — Nike AO DL.

The Tenderloin District

This was not the first time I headed down Turk Street. In my previous attempts I felt I was not successful in taking the photographs, primarily because I did not feel comfortable in my surroundings and uneasy having to possible deal with confrontations that could turn ugly in just a few minutes.

So what made this day any different? I was not necessarily more confident, considering that the day’s earlier captures were possible questionable and I would need to study them on the larger monitor to properly evaluate the results. Yet I headed across the street as if ready to take on the opposition.

Having earlier reset the Hipstamatic app’s presets to GSquad with Nike AO DL, I seised up the situation before me and changed my mindset to guerrilla warfare and while holding the iPhone 4S tight and close to my chest, I began crossing the street and into another reality.

I had made it through the gauntlet. Deciding not to venture any deeper for now, I started to cross the street, heading back. While still tapping the iPhone’s screen for just a few more frozen moments in time.

I felt I had something, that this very short excursion might prove after all to be successful and give me the confidence to return, walking further down Turk Street. 

It was not until I had uploaded the images that I actually saw what really was capture in those few minutes. Though not every photograph is striking, I did manage to achieve what I set out to accomplish and maybe bring back at least one photograph that will manifest itself and stand the test of time.

Next week I will return to the city and this time experiment with Hipstamatic’s contrasty lens GSquad with Nike AO BW, which is Koci Hernandez, Assistant Professor of New Media at UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism, favorits for street photography. I will also apply the GSquad lens with Rock BW-11 and possible BlacKeys SuperGrain, provided the weather does not have other things on its mind, when I have to adopt using another lens/film combination.


Koci Hernandez Lens/Film setting: GSquad — Nike AO BW. Photo by: Egmont

All photographs taken with an iPhone 4S by
©2013 Egmont van Dyck - All Rights Reserved


Carlos said...

Very images Egmont!

Anonymous said...

Egmont. Hi it's Lee Thatcher. I hope you're well. I just wanted to say really well done. You captured the essence of the street well. I think you have some excellent street shots here. The combination works well I think, but I'm much more of a fan of the G Squad with AO BW film. I'm also enjoying G Squad with US1776 too.

Keep up th great posts. Thanks to you I'm gonna be paring up Mabel and Rock BW for some shoots later in the week, my tests were very encouraging.

All the best


Skip said...

Brilliant images and really helpful comments. I'm a massive fan of AO BW so looking forward to seeing what you generate with that.

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