HipstaPak Silver Lake

Apple has finally approved Hipstamatic version 262 so that they could release the Silver Lake HipstaPak after leaking a screen shot and multiple photographs taken at the SXSW event in Austin, Texas with the Abbie lens and Dixie film, including an announcement in their last on-line issue SNAP.

However we are still awaiting further news about the RetroPak 3 that was prematurely released a few weeks ago and we can only venture an educated guess that due to the delay of Apple Computers approving version 262, that only very soon RetroPak 3 will be made available. 

Hipstamatic announcement of Abbie and Dixie in SNAP

Over the next day or two I will be doing a complete film and lens test with Abbie lens and Dixie film, including pairing the two with all the other Hipstamatic film and lenses. So check back and see what the results are and what I have to say.

A sample photograph taken with Silver Lake HipstaPak and leaked last week

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