Hipstamatic RetroPak 3 is available

Hipstamatic has released their long awaited RetroPak 3, re-releasing a number of film and lens combinations that were originally available last year. Unfortunately it does not include the Niki’s NSW Always On B/W films with the Hornbecker lens, which is considered on of the best B/W films in the Hipstamatic toolbox.

Niki AO BW Film w/GSquad Lens

The previous two RetroPak’s have always been a good purchase, allowing for new users of Hipstamatic to catch up with a number of different lenses and films that make Hipstamatic special. What is not included in the RetroPak series are the camera cases, but then their function is ornamental.

Hipstamatic screen shot of RetroPak 3

Hipstamatic RetroPak 3 comes with the following:

     America HipstaPak: Americana lens; US1776 and Blanko Freedom 13 films

     Rock the Vote:  RTV and RTV Shout! films

     Gangster Squad Pak: GSquad lens and GS-0 film

     W-Mag Pak: Wonder lens with W40 film

Claunch 72 Monochrome Film w/ John S Lens

If you are able to acquire RetroPak 1 and RetroPak 2, I highly suggest you go for it. I also recommend The Portland HipstaPak because of it’s B/W film, Claunch 72 Monochrome. The film provides richly deep black with a greenish tint, especially with the John S lens.

Foodie SnapPak — DC Film w/ Loftus Lens

Though the Camden HipstaPak is limited, it is once again the film, BlacKeys SuperGrain you will find very useful if you like shooting B/W. There is also the Foodie SnapPak that is worth the purchase, especially it is the film, DC, which I like combining with the Jane lens. I just love the soft but rich colors DC film produces.  

TinType D-Plate Film

Finally there is Hipstamatic’s previous release, TinType SnapPak that has been a great hit worldwide and rightfully so.

Some people have been able to download RetroPak, while other have not been. This is being corrected, so stay tuned and get your copy before it disappears into the vault again.

All photographs taken with an iPhone 4S by
©2013 Egmont van Dyck - All Rights Reserved

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