TiPA-Bay Area Group’s 2nd Outing

Last Sunday, ten members of the TiPA-Bay Area Group, gathered in front of Fort Point in San Francisco for an iPhoneography walk. While waiting for others to arrive, we shared stories and the latest news, when I learned that three of our members had honorable mention or are finalist in the recent Mobile Photography Awards. They are Petyr and the husband and wife team, Julie and Steven. Congratulations to all three.

TiPA Bay Area Group Members, photo: Chloe Meynier

Back row, L-R: Stan, Dianne and Steven
Middle row, L-R: Petyr, Merrill, Amberlyn, Greg and Catherine
Front row, L-R: Egmont and Julie

After all the introductions, we dispersed ourselves onto the many floors, exploring various display rooms, spiral staircases’ and the formally fortified artillery posts.

After a number of hours some were in need of sustenance and refreshments. It was Stan who stepped up and made a suggestion. Unfortunately the first place could not accommodate us, when someone suggested Judy’s Cafe, which ended up being just right. The food and service was very good, making Judy’s Cafe a place I can recommend.

Fort Point, San Francisco - entrance

Fort Point, 3rd floor, view of the north section gun implacements

It has been more than 25 years since I last visited Fort Point and during that time the National Park Services and the Golden Gate National Parks Conservatory have made many improvements, especially important and necessary conservation to the structure.

I first became aware of Fort Point, which is part of the Presidio, after watching an episode of ‘The Streets of San Francisco,’ staring Karl Malden and Michael Douglas in which both chased the ‘bad guy,’ cornering him at one of the lookout turrets on the fort’s top floor.

Fort Point, 2nd floor, gun implacement

Fort Point, 2nd floor, gun implacement

Fort Point, 3rd floor, entrance to one of the spiral staircases

One of the things I like about the Fort Point are the very many arches, reminding me of the Medieval monasteries or Middle Eastern architecture. The Fort has been called "the pride of the Pacific," "the Gibraltar of the West Coast," and "one of the most perfect models of masonry in America."

Built between 1853 and 1861 by the U.S. Army Engineers in the Army's traditional “Third System” style of military architecture, it was meant to protect San Francisco Bay and the gold fields during the 1850s.

Today my choice of camera application is Hipstamatic with a Jane lens and Tinto’s Tintype D-Plate Film. The selection of this combination allows me to emulate the time period when the fort was constructed and in use, while having the photographs appear aged and priceless, while compliment the fort’s architecture and recapture the essence and charm of the 1850s.

Fort Point, ground floor - staircase leading to the munitions storage

Fort Point, ground floor - cannon balls

One can spend many hours at Fort Point, exploring all of the architectural beauty, including the wonderful and spectacular view one has of not only San Francisco, but also of the bay and surrounding, especially on a beautiful day which we certainly had.

View of the Golden Gate Bridge from the top floor of Fort Point


Fort Point: click here 

Presidio: click here 

Judy’s Cafe: click here 

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