MPA names ‘Artist of the Year’

On February 15, Mobile Photo Award announced their ‘Artist of the Year’ is Sarah Jarrett. Daniel Berman, founder of MPA, says “Sarah was the only artist to appear on the top ten list of all seven jury members and continued to inspire the judges right through to our final choice.”

Sarah’s creative vision is coupled with her background as an International commercial artist and since taking up mobile photography, she has successfully combined both of these passions by using her iPhone or iPad as her new canvas and render painterly and dream like images

Her studio is located in the beautiful Norfolk, England countryside, which also serves as her inspiration, as in the series Poetry in Fog

She receives regular commissioned from art directors for developing images for books, cards, stationary, posters, limited edition prints and supermarket packaging. In 2002 I was selected as one of Sotherby's International Young Artists.

Congratulations Sarah for being named MPA’s Artist of the Year.

You can see more of Sarah Jarrett’s work by visiting her website or her website alternative site, Blogspot. 
You can also find her on FaceBook by clicking here.

The Mobile Photo Award Finalists

Roger Clay

Marie Matthews

Souichi Furusho


Melissa Vincent

Alfred Pleyer

Helen Breznik

Edyta Lipinksa

Lene Basma

          Mobile Photo Award judges were:

Joanne Carter, 

Daria Polichetti, 
          co-founder of iPhoneArt

Misho Baranovic
          author of iPhone Photography - How to shot, Edit and Share Great Photographs

Star Rush
          co-founder of Lys Photo Magazine

Andy Royston

Nettie Edwards
          award-winning mobile photographer

Daniel Berman
          filmaker, fine art photographer and founder of Mobile Photo Awards


MPA Winner: Click here.

MPA Finalists: Click here.

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