MacWorld 2013 and the Mobile Masters

Slowly routine of everyday has begun to set in as life returns back to normal after spending three very long and exciting days at MacWorld, I have had some time to reflect upon the event as a whole.

The last time I went to the MacWorld convention was when Apple Computers took part and I cannot recall how long ago that was. So I was excited to be going this time, especially since I had my ticket for the Mobile Masters seminar. 

Looking forward to the number of speakers and particularly the iPhoneography artists who will be revealing their post production technique and the various applications they employ in achieving their unique art.

iPhoneographer, Richard Koci Hernandez

I greatly enjoyed the presentation made by local iPhoneographer, Richard Koci Hernandez, who refers himself being a ‘Memory Specialist.’ His presentation, which was not only adrenaline charged but filled with plenty of secret stealth technique tips to capture those unique unguarded street moments and much more. In particularly his urge for mobile photographers to edit and not share everything one shoots, as this has been my chief complaint of other mobile photographers as well.

Koci shared a number of photographs from his recent trip to Viet Nam, including that he likes using the camera application Hipstamatic. Currently his favorite film and lens combination is using the contrasty Gangster Sqaud GSquad lens with one of the Niki’s Black and White AO DLX or AO BW films. This may describe why his favorite Film Noir is ‘Touch of Evil.’ The visual influence and style of this film by Orsen Wells is definitely mirrored in Koci’s own work.

“Touch of Evil,” directed by and staring Orsen Wells, Charlton Heston and Janet Leigh

This was followed by ’The Fine Art of iPhoneography,’ which was presented by Karen Divine and Cindy Patrick. They both graciously shared their photography and post processing techniques, allowing us into their creative world. This allowed us to understand their workflow and the applications Karen and Cindy use and demystifying some of the mystery that has many puzzled. Sorry Karen, I did not manage to get a good picture of either of you.

Mobile Artist Cindy Patrick

We broke for lunch and I headed out to take pictures. The city of San Francisco offers a wealth of visual interest to please just about any photographer. Even the view from Moscone West balcony offers plenty of opportunities. 

View of SF MOMA from the Yerba Buena Gardens

Outside of Mell’s


View of 4th Street from the rooftop of Mascone West

Julieanne Kost, publisher of the Daily Photoshop and Lightroom Tip, and Russell Brown, Senior Creative Director at Adobe Systems did a ‘show and tell’ demonstration of the recently updated PS Touch. They showed off some of the programs unique features not even available in Photoshop CS6.

During the presentation, Russell became the center of attraction as numerous mobile photographers, including myself, came up to him to take their picture of Russell portraying himself as the mad scientist.

Russell Brown, Senior Creative Director at Adobe Systems

During a short break, I had the pleasure of meeting with Milo Kalvin, publisher and Luis Torress, editor of the recently launched Spanish iPhoneography quarterly publication Shooter. They two were handing out copies of their high quality and elegant magazine to the attendees. Two days later we met again and with help from my friend Carlos Austin, who translated everything from and to Spanish for us, we set out on a little photo shoot. I will share that special occurrence in a separate post next week and tell you more about the publication.


The social network of mobile photography shaping the iPhone story was headlined by Marty Yawnick, whose successful blog Life-in-LoFi, loves to say, I have a camera. Sometimes, I use it to make phone calls.” Presented us with current trends and how iPhone dedicated blogs have helped shaped iPhoneography, especially the influence upon the medium made by Intagram since its launch. Marti also shared with us his shooting habits and what are some of his favorite post processing applications and much more.

Marty Yawnick after his presentation, meeting with some attendees

Of the two next speakers, was my friend and colleague, Knox Bronson and founder of IPA, Nathan Park. Knox spoke about his recent exhibit ‘The Third Wave’ and how he started three years ago, like so many of us, getting involve with the mobile art community by accident. Knox was the first to produce a juried gallery show of iPhonic art, which was held at a gallery in Berkeley, California.

The two spoke of the early days of mobile photography and the evolution it has made in technology and especially the various applications with which to shot but also app’ one’s photograph.

Knox Bronson, Phoneographer and founder of P1xels—The Art of the iPhone

Nathan Park, iPhoneographer and co-founder of iPhoneArt on the exhibit hall floor

The evening ended with my friend Elaina Wilcox and three other iPhonographers, in an informal presentation, sharing their shooting and post process workflow. This was followed with a Q&A from the audience.

Elaina Wilcox, iPhoneography artist

There were other speakers, like Helene Goldberg, who uses the iPad to paint abstracts images; and Richard Grey, who teaches iPhone mobile photography at a leading art college in London; and Jack Hollingsworth, who started off the conference, as well as having a second presentation on iPhone gear and accessories.
The conference Event Organizer was Dan Marcolina, who also created the mobile application Mobile Masters that is available from iTunes.

After spending more than fifteen hours on my first day at MacWorld, mental overload and meltdown, resulted in a kind of euphoria that had me floating on cloud nine. Though I expected more from the Mobile Masters Conference, I am glad I went, including spending the next two days at MacWorld, connecting with many iPhoneographers with whom I had previously exchanged correspondence, including making many new friends.


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