Looking Back - Michiel Hendryckx

Looking Back is a new series featuring the works of various photographers and showcases their creative vision, with the idea that no matter what camera one uses, it is the human eye that is responsible for our art. It does not matter if it is 1913 or 2013, the bases of photography remains the same, the taking of pictures, documenting the way we live and saving our memories by tangible means.

Currently photography is experiencing a form of evolution lead by mobile photographers. This transformation that we are witnessing, is still in the early stages, even though mobile photography has made great strides in 2012. Yet when we compare the basic mobile image before it has been manipulated or app’ed on an iOS device with a pre-mobile photograph, there is little difference. 

Looking Back is just that, looking back at the history of photography and the footsteps that brought us to where we are today and that is just what we will be doing. On a regular bases, I will post photographic samples with little or no commentary, letting the work of the photographer speak for itself. 

With our first post of Looking Back, we're presenting Flemish photographer Michiel Hendryckx.


1 comment:

Shane Martin said...

Great work - thanks for exposing me to this photographer!

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