Hipstamatic’s new Tintype SnapPak

Today Hipstamatic released a new SnapPak Tintype. The Tintype was designed to emulate the beauty of the old daguerreotypes and also the tradition of hand-painted photos that was common before color photography was more prevalent and economical.

Hipstamatic certainly has succeeded in doing so with the Tinto 1848 lens and the two film cartridges, D-Type Palate and C-Type Plate film. Unfortunately they missed a wonderful opportunity by elected not to include a nicely wooden camera case with this SnapPak, one which could have reflected cameras from the time period the lens and film represents.

Because of the technology and design behind this SnapPak is by far Hipstamatic’s most complex lens film combination to-date. Therefore, it takes longer to process the image than when using our other lenses and films. But from the film and lens test I conducted this afternoon, with results that are remarkable, I think you will find a little extra wait time acceptable.

It should also be noted that the TinType SnapPak also requires Hipstamatics latest update, 261 before installing the SnapPak. However there have been reports and I too have experienced crashes after installing the TinType SnapPak, even though I already had the Hipstamatic 261 version. This was resolved by powering down the iPhone and after a minute or two re-powered, resulting in the application and the TinType SnapPak working fine.

The following are two examples are of Hipstamatic’s new TinType SnapPak. This coming Saturday, I shall post the complete D-Type Palate and C-Type Plate film test. The series consists of running D-Type Palate and C-Type Plate film and applying 26 different lenses.

Tinto 1848 lens with D-Type Palate Film

Tinto 1848 lens with C-Type Plate Film

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