First TiPA-Bay Area Group meeting

Last Sunday a number of The iPhone Arts-Bay Area Group members gathered for our first official meeting. Of the dozen participants, seven were able to meet at the Oakland Museum in Oakland to attend the Ken and Melanie Light: Valley of Shadows and Dreams, which is a photographic exploration of California's Central Valley, a region known for both its agricultural plenty and the marginalization of its people. 

We were also treated to a bonus permanent exhibit of Dorothea Lange photographs, the Pictorialist show and Ansel Adams F-64 Group. Of course there was also plenty of paintings and other art, which only added to the wonderful experience we were all savored.

Paulette trying to hide, as Catherine shares something on her iPad with Julie

We stopped of at the museum’s cafe for refreshments and engaged in conversation, sharing our art, experiences and just in general getting to know each other.

(left photo) Petyr, Julie and Steven checking their phones
(right photo) Petyr, Julie, Steven and Stan who decided to take a picture 

We stayed in the cafe longer then anticipated, as the employees began shutting down and we were the last ones left. While two needed to leave us, we still went for a walk in the neighborhood to see what might be photographed before any light totally disappeared.



Our day ended all to soon. We parted looking forward to our next meeting some time in mid-January 2013.

All photos by Egmont using an iPHone 4S

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