Hipstamatic’s Gangster Squad lens test

With the recent release of the limited edition Gangster Squad FreePak this last Tuesday, I felt a lens test was in order. Many of you will find the GS-0 film that comes with the Gangster Squad FreePak limited by the circular image, while the GSquad lens offers more possibilities with other film combinations, though very limited.

GSquad lens with GS-0 film

My last Hipstamatic film test back in July of this year, my camera only had 17 film cartridges, which have since increased to 25, which includes the new GS-0 Gangster Squad lens.

Not all of Hipstamatic lenses or film cartridges are applicable for serious traditional ‘Fine Art’ photography. Since many of Hipstamatic lenses and films were designed to emulate toy and instamatic cameras with plastic lenses, making it important to try out all of ones lenses and film combination to find a set that works best for ones type of fine art photography.

With each new exposure, a surprise quickly revealed itself with each different color film cartridges tested, was the similarity of the final image. Each of the photographs were dominated by a yellowish color cast, except for two. The two exceptions were Alfred Infrared, which was dominated by a red tint, while on the other hand, GS-0 film’s white areas were faint yellow-green. Even Claunch 72, Monochrome film with its usual greenish tint was subject to a color shift, having it’s white tones tinted slightly yellowish-grey.

Another observation made between the various color film cartridges, was the amount of detail revealed in the shadow areas, clearly noticeable when viewing the body of the fishing fly and comparing that with the other photographs in the test. The only consistent aspect different from all exposures, regardless of film cartridge, was the photographs border.

There were four black and white films which appear immune to GSquad lens color shifts influence, they are Rock BW-11, US 1776, BlacKeys Super Grains, but especially BlacKeys B+W.

          Final thoughts

I am unable to derive any excitement from the Gangster Squad lens and film pack, except for the camera case that was included with this SnapPak, a camera case I felt looked real cool. 

Hipstamatic previous FreePak Rock the Vote was also a disappointment, along with the Multiple Exposure Kit that was just too limited, offering only a second exposure and no additional settings that would allow at least to change lenses from one frame to the next for more creative results.

I just hope that with subsequent releases, Hipstamatic will be treated us to something more useful, something well thought out and not just quickly slapped together.


Hipstamatic New Gangster Squad FreePak

Announcing the New Limited Edition, Hipstamatic Gangster Squad FreePak 

Calling all dazzling dames and fashionable fellas—we’re taking it back, way back, to a time when wise guys ruled and the ladies swooned.

The new Gangster Squad FreePak, is available now for free download, and was inspired by the forthcoming Gangster Squad movie, set in the 1940s, starring Josh Brolin, Ryan Gosling, and Sean Penn as notorious mobster Mickey Cohen, with Nick Nolte and Emma Stone.

Sample  Gangster Squad image

iPhone screen shot

     The Gangster Squad FreePak includes:

GSQUAD Lens: produces vibrant tones with an antique feel.

GS-0 Film: this carefully cropped circular film on warm paper adds a unique emphasis to prints.

Gangster Deco Camera Case: virtual stainless steel case with art deco leather grip.

So go ahead, download the FreePak, pose with your posse and get your 1940’s glamour on. Hipstamatic is even hosting a contest inspired by the movie, and one lucky winner will get a brand spankin’ new CanonEOS 5D Mark III!

For further information, entry form and contest rules, please click here.

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