Weekly Showcase

Here is this week’s, The iPhone Arts ‘Weekly Showcase’ and ‘Curators Choice’ selections for the previous week’s favorite images posted using the hashtag #the_iphone_arts. Selection process is from Monday through Sunday and then posted the following Tuesday.

Curator’s Choice

Waiting for the uptown train . . .
Cecily Caceu - USA (IG:#cecilyc)

This weeks ‘Weekly Showcase’

The path home
David Ruser - USA (IG:#painterdave)

Gone fishing
Wayman - USA (IG:#wstairs)

Me & my twin Flame
Lanie - USA (IG:#momma2maxh)

Camouflage series 03
Anie Castillo - Mexico (IG:#aniexe)

My daily reflections on a bus passing by
Luis - Spain (IG:#luison)

Back to School
Lisa Ender - USA (IG:#leleloo)

          Would you like to have your photographic art appear here?

Key requirement is that the image must have been taken with an iPhone/smartphone or iPad/iPod and it must then be tagged with #the_iphone_arts. 

We also urge that you familiarize yourself with previous ‘Weekly Showcase’ winning selections and read the ‘Submission Guidelines,’ where you will also be presented with a slideshow of examples.

Remember the purpose of the ‘Weekly Showcase’ is to present the new digital fine art that is possible with an iPhone/smartphone or iPad/iPod. 


* All images displayed here are copyrighted to the artist and may not be reproduced without the consent from the respective artist.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Amazing work!
I just fel in love with : Gone fishing.... Excellent Edit!
Greetings from Sweden

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