This was not the post I had intended

This is not the post I had planned on for today but what I write now is more important, especially in the light of what occurred since my last check-in two days ago.

Last night, I was preparing Saturdays story and when arriving at The iPhone Arts website I was greeted by a warning sign, stating “Visiting this website may harm your computer.” This was followed by “The website you are visiting appears to contain malware. Malware is malicious software that may harm your computer . . .” 

Screen shot of my monitor’s screen last night

I regained my composure, I began to work with Google’s ‘Webmaster Tools,’ trying to resolve the issue, but it was not until Saturday morning when a message at TheiPhoneArts FaceBook fan page suggested what the root cause might be. I followed George M.’s advice and that of my neighbor John O., by removing the offending widget that had been infected. 

I wish to assure my visitors that I do not subscribe or tolerate malware or spam on my website and I wish to apologise to any visitor who came by and was greeted by such a warning message from Google. I am truly sorry.

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