Italian-based mobile artist Matthew Watkins displays his amazing “iPad Art Car” on center stage in Arena 1. The car art is the second by Watkins, displayed as a CODA 2012, a new electric vehicle from CODA Automotive.

Watkins’ car art takes the concept of mobile art to a new level — literal one. Watkins is always looking for a new ways to output digital finger painting, an important aspect of his process.

Watkins signature style of tech-centric, environmentally friendly imagery evoke robots and creatures made of machine parts and metal. His imagery is printed to film, then applied with a heat gun to the auto’s surface and hand-signed.

This is watkins’ second total car wrap, and it’s catching on. The first exhibited recently at Expo Arte in Bari, Italy. CODA, a startup electric car company was a perfect match for LA-MAF and its mobile art pioneers.



Text courtesy of and LA-MAF 2012

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