My first day in Los Angeles for the LA-MAF 2012

After a good nights rest of about 4-5 hours, I was ready to head out for Los Angeles downtown, have a look around and see what I could capture photographically, maybe even swing by LA-MAF 2012

Some of you may know that Los Angeles is a web of freeways, crisscrossing the city of angels in a maze which can cause confusion, resulting in becoming lost. Forget GPS systems and though they do help greatly, they have yet to be able to tell you alternative ways to avoid highway congestions in which you are travel no more than 5-10 miles an hour.

Coming from Irvine, I decided to get off Interstate 5 and find alternate routes to downtown LA, this resulted in the following: 
Off at Rosencrans to Norwalk; to freeway 605 to 105 West; then 710 North. Exit Whittier Blvd. to Rosemead; next highway 60 to Pasadena freeway 110 North to 43 Avenue, because I missed the connection. Finally, 110 South to LA Downtown. 'Well you get the picture,' LA is a city within a city. The good thing about the route traveled, I managed to see more than I would have, had I just stayed on Interstate 5 and dealt with grid-lock.

Welcome to Los Angeles

While zigzagging about downtown LA’s modern business an office structures, the historical section is an enclave that could almost pass for a movie set of the late 60s or early 70s, if it were not for the people or modern transportation.

So join me as I share with you what I saw, with images I captured using an iPhone 4S, while exploring a city of many faces that are forever changing.

Please do not forget to visit LA-MAF 2012
the reason we are all here . . .

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marianne said...

beautiful pictures! thank you for sharing, dear egmont!

have a great weekend!

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