MPro UpDate

The monochrome application MPro for the iPhone by developer Toshihiko Tambo has now been updated with some nice new and much needed improvements and new features.

©2012 Egmont van Dyck

Here is what is new in version 1.0.1:

  • Add touch focus and exposure
  • File write to disk now down in the background
  • Modified display menu
  • Now supports rotate camera when device rotation is locked

The ability to now use one’s finger for setting or moving the focus point, including the exposure is a welcomed addition. Being able to alter focus and exposure point using ones finger to reset was essential, especially when the iPhone is mounted to a tripod. For it was a hassle to move the tripod head once composition had been established, just to be able to set focus and exposure when it was a fixed point on the center of the screen.

The square denotes focus point and the circle the exposure. When either is mover, it turns to yellow and once MPro has made the adjustments, it changes to to the color green.

MPro menu screen, ©2012 MPro

You can also move the focal point or that of the exposure while the menu is visible and this is a nice touch when one needs to access the B/W filter selection and as you can see, the filters are now not just named but the tabs reflects the color of the filter. (See image above)

Another major update addition is that you no longer need to wait excessively long for the TIFF file to be written to disk before being able to take the next exposure. This time has been significantly shortened to about 2-3 seconds, depending on the amount of detail information within the image.

What is under development for the future:

  • Geo Tagging
  • A self-timer
  • Better image processing

A number of items on my wish list I would like to added in future updates:

  • Screen option for 6x17 format
  • Film settings for Kodak Pan-x, Tri-x and Ilford HP3
  • A level
  • Additional screen grid options
  • Being able to switch between the standard exposure meter and that of a spot meter
  • Instead of writing out the name of the color filter, just show the first letter

Here are a couple of images of my last field trip to San Francisco’s Chinatown. All examples are straight out of MPro with no alterations or adjustments to the image, other than the addition of a frame.

All images by ©2012 Egmont van Dyck

MPro is available at the iTunes store


Anonymous said...

Great images, Egmont. Like you I am impressed with the quality of MPro's BW images...closest to the "real thing" yet! (I'd also add some of Rollei's specialty films to your wish list!)

marianne said...

wonderful pictures, egmont!!

ein schönes wochenende und liebe grüsse aus der schweiz.

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