LA-MAF grand iPhoneography exhibit

This past Saturday evening, August 18, it was the grand opening of the first Los Angeles Mobile Arts Festival. It was held at the historical Barker Airplane Hanger, now known as Santa Monica Art Studio, which had been converted into numerous artist’s studios. 

The location was not only selected for its size but also because of its history. Here early aviation was pioneered amidst these walls and what better location to champion today’s visionary and passionate mobile artist, who are blazing new territories, pioneering and defining a new art form.

It is here that LA-MAFia brings together 200 artists from more than 30 countries and 25 US states, with over 600 images, sculptures, films and installations. Half of the images and installations are international and were shipped in, uncrated and installed in less than one week.

With a large entrance that opens to a large room which serves as the main exhibition area, there are adjacent two smaller rooms, which LA-MAF utilised to convert into Botanica Illuminati and The Olde Curiosity Shoppe; two of my personal favorite exhibit rooms. There is also the hallway that runs down the entire length of the hanger, which was also used to display a large number of  photographic art.

This major iPhoneography event was brought about by staff, artists, volunteers, partner companies and sponsors, with special acknowledgement to the co-founders of iPhoneArt, Daria Polichetti and Nathaniel Park and the LA Mobile Arts Festival of International Artists.

A few hours prior to the doors having officially opened to the public, artists, vendors and sponsors were interviewed and had their picture taken. It was also a time for artists to meet other artists.

iPhoneographer Artist Bob Weil with interviewer

‘Light Impressions’ — Colleen Duffley, Studio b

iPhoneographer Artists Kimberly Post Rowe and Adria Ellis

The entire evening brought a steady stream of people, art lovers, iPhoneography artists, including those who were just curious about mobile photography. 

Individuals of all ages, including myself, were simply mesmerized by the creativity and artistic vision on display. If anything is for certain, this by no means was your usual fine art photography exhibit. LA-MAF 2012 has set new standards which are going to be very hard to follow and for many years we will be talking about this exhibit as ground breaking.

After having spent two days at the exhibit, I feel I have yet not seen everything and to share it with you in one posting would do not justice to what I saw experienced. Therefore over the next week or two, I shall post a number of photographs taken at LA-MAF so that you too may feel as though have taken part in the iPhoneography event.


Still to come

Still to be featured in upcoming posts is Botanica Illuminati, The Olde Curiosity Shoppe, Coda, and performance artist Tiffany Trenda, performing BodyCodeArt.

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