LA-MAF 2012 Botanica Illuminati

The LA-MAF story continues as we enter into the observatorium Botanica Illuminati and sit down on an old park bench, surrounded by living sculptures growing out of hollowed out tree trunks. Let yourself be lost within the mini-garden’s solitude, enjoying the visual feast of repurposed architectural salvage yard wooden windows, including a large 32 glass panel bay window transformed into a stained glass floral specimens that come to life.

Visual artists Kimberly Post Rowe and Adria Ellis

The bay window is the creative vision of Kimberly Post Rowe and Adria Ellis, the individual window panels pictured below are by visual artist Daria Polichetti.


A living plant with red flowers integrates and disappears into the the third lower glass panel’s pictured image, becoming one . . .

. . . as the bay window’s continues to light the room, 
                                                     a visitors rests and checks their iPad.

Sharing the Botanica Illuminati is the Bird Photo Booth, the creation of Bryson Lovett. This carefully hand-crafted hardwood feeder serves also as a hidden camera case for the iPhone in order to capture natural images of birds.

Bird Photo Booth


The Botanica Illuminati observatorium brought out the best in people as a little girl wanted a picture of herself with mom in front of the bay window. The mother told me their last name is Flores and in Spanish it means flower. 

Mother and daughter Flores


Weekly Showcase

Here is this week’s, The iPhone Arts ‘Weekly Showcase’ and ‘Curators Choice’ selections for the previous week’s favorite images posted using the hashtag #the_iphone_arts. Selection process is from Monday through Sunday and then posted the following Tuesday.

Curator’s Choice

Arpi Azaryan - Armenia (IG:#zara_a)

This weeks ‘Weekly Showcase’

Shirley Hunter - USA (IG:#creativehinter03)

The woman in a yellow dress
Simon Gobeil - Canada (IG:#simonogo)

do not rush, vanguards of time!
Giuseppe Capozzo - Italy (IG:#krapoz)

Istathis - Greece (IG:#istathis)

Le dejeneur sur l’herbe
Giancarlo Beltrame - Italy (IG:#bobocinema)

Porthmeor Beach, St Ives, Cornwall
Lawrence Yusupoff - England (IG:#lozeretski)

          Would you like to have your photographic art appear here?

Key requirement is that the image must have been taken with an iPhone/smartphone or iPad/iPod and it must then be tagged with #the_iphone_arts. 

We also urge that you familiarize yourself with previous ‘Weekly Showcase’ winning selections and read the ‘Submission Guidelines,’ where you will also be presented with a slideshow of examples.

Remember the purpose of the ‘Weekly Showcase’ is to present the new digital fine art that is possible with an iPhone/smartphone or iPad/iPod. 


* All images displayed here are copyrighted to the artist and may not be reproduced without the consent from the respective artist.


LA-MAF grand iPhoneography exhibit

This past Saturday evening, August 18, it was the grand opening of the first Los Angeles Mobile Arts Festival. It was held at the historical Barker Airplane Hanger, now known as Santa Monica Art Studio, which had been converted into numerous artist’s studios. 

The location was not only selected for its size but also because of its history. Here early aviation was pioneered amidst these walls and what better location to champion today’s visionary and passionate mobile artist, who are blazing new territories, pioneering and defining a new art form.

It is here that LA-MAFia brings together 200 artists from more than 30 countries and 25 US states, with over 600 images, sculptures, films and installations. Half of the images and installations are international and were shipped in, uncrated and installed in less than one week.

With a large entrance that opens to a large room which serves as the main exhibition area, there are adjacent two smaller rooms, which LA-MAF utilised to convert into Botanica Illuminati and The Olde Curiosity Shoppe; two of my personal favorite exhibit rooms. There is also the hallway that runs down the entire length of the hanger, which was also used to display a large number of  photographic art.

This major iPhoneography event was brought about by staff, artists, volunteers, partner companies and sponsors, with special acknowledgement to the co-founders of iPhoneArt, Daria Polichetti and Nathaniel Park and the LA Mobile Arts Festival of International Artists.

A few hours prior to the doors having officially opened to the public, artists, vendors and sponsors were interviewed and had their picture taken. It was also a time for artists to meet other artists.

iPhoneographer Artist Bob Weil with interviewer

‘Light Impressions’ — Colleen Duffley, Studio b

iPhoneographer Artists Kimberly Post Rowe and Adria Ellis

The entire evening brought a steady stream of people, art lovers, iPhoneography artists, including those who were just curious about mobile photography. 

Individuals of all ages, including myself, were simply mesmerized by the creativity and artistic vision on display. If anything is for certain, this by no means was your usual fine art photography exhibit. LA-MAF 2012 has set new standards which are going to be very hard to follow and for many years we will be talking about this exhibit as ground breaking.

After having spent two days at the exhibit, I feel I have yet not seen everything and to share it with you in one posting would do not justice to what I saw experienced. Therefore over the next week or two, I shall post a number of photographs taken at LA-MAF so that you too may feel as though have taken part in the iPhoneography event.


Still to come

Still to be featured in upcoming posts is Botanica Illuminati, The Olde Curiosity Shoppe, Coda, and performance artist Tiffany Trenda, performing BodyCodeArt.


Hours before the LA-MAF opening

The Los Angeles-Mobile Arts Festival schedule called for an informal get together  the day of the exhibit’s opening, a morning walk from Venice’s Muscle Beach, a historic landmark dating back to the 1950s to Santa Monica Pier, where Route 66 ends. 

Muscle Beach

Maybe because of the excessive heat that has stayed around these past several days, there was little activity of individuals working out at Muscle Beach, but for a group of raw recruits of US Marines being filmed, attracting a number of iPhoneographers and myself included.

I continued onward, towards in the direction of the pier, along the path that was being shared by bicycle riders, joggers, people watchers and tourists. 

Santa Monica Pier

There was already a good gathering of people on the pier, even though a number of vendors will still getting ready. Others took advantage of this in providing entertainment, from musicians, a snake charmer, artists and a person’s slight-of-hand trick of where is the pea under the shell.

There was also the pelican stopping by, listen to a violinist play Pachelbel’s Canon, as us humans looked on in amazement at the birds obvious delight in the classics and practically ignoring the musician. 


A Japanese family stops to have their picture taken by the nanny; another iPhoneographer finds her interest to capture as I see a fisherman with an eyepatch.

There are plenty of open air arcades activities, including a roller coaster, as well as a ferris wheel giving one an excellent view of the area and coastal beach line. For those who want to escape the sun, there is also an indoor arcade with plenty of machines to take your tokens for a few minutes of excitement.  

Of course nothing beats just sitting and watching people, as I head down the stairs at the end of the pier to have a look at the pier’s underside.

Santa Monica Beach

The view of the beach from the pier looked very inviting and I decided to have a stroll on the sand and see what life was like there. From families sun bathing and children playing in the sand, building sand castles, I could not resist to quickly steal an exposure of a couple embracing and who are about to kiss.

However the time had come to return to where the famous Route 66 ends and leave this place. As much as I would have wished to stay longer, I wanted to head on over to Santa Monica Studios at Barker Hanger where iPhone Art was busy putting on the final touches to the LA-MAF 2012 exhibit.

The next couple of posts will be of the LA-MAF 2012 exhibit,
so stay tuned for much more . . .

All photographs taken with an iPhone 4S by
©2013 Egmont van Dyck - All Rights Reserved

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