Hipstamatic film test

With 21 different film cartridges and another 23 lenses and counting in my Hipstamatic camera, it has become a little difficult to recall what type of lens and film combination produced what kind of results. One cannot help but begin to rely upon a few lens and film combinations, ignoring the rest, missing out of numerous other possibilities that might give a more desirable result for what one is about to photograph. 

With the John S lens and Claunch 72 Monoochrome film cartridge being my favorite for black and white, and for color John S with Salvador DreamCanvas, I feel trapped, having limited myself for the quick and easy, that which provides pre-determined results. 

John S lens

So when I was experimenting with a few elements and trying out a DIFF lens, the iPhone was resting on a tripod, when I chose to see what sort of results I would achieve with an assortment of different films and one lens, the John S model.

Here are the results for Hipstamatic film test #1:
All images with the iPhone 4S, natural window lighting, tripod and no special lens attachments.






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