What is on your bookshelf?

My book shelf

Thinking of what to post next, I thought another addition to the series ’Street Photography’ and share with you some of my older photograph books which have certainly had a major influence and therefore have been cherished for many years. However in the process of preparations, a lingering  question arose. 

Sitting in my chair, looking at The Hungry Eye book cover, I noticed how the window light dispersed across, where I had just placed my reading glasses. so I kept thinking, “You either photograph this or regret it later.” Reaching for my iPhone I spent the next ninety minutes obtaining the photograph I had envisioned earlier.

The following evening I had more than an extensive look at iTunes to see what was available for the iBook reader. Little did I know that I would spend the next 9-10 hours looking through their list of photography books and downloading 51. Now I better explain why I would stay up all night, resisting the urge to retire and go to sleep.  

Having a keen interest in self-publishing, toying with creating a Blurb book, but when Apple Computers released iBook in 2010, allowing one to develop, design and publish an e-Book for Internet distribution at iTunes. So my interest was not only in photography books, I was just as curious to see how others applied iBook to their project.

Of the 17 books appearing now on my iPad, a few stood out for their content and design, especially a photographic travel book, Roaming the Taklamakan Desert in China and But Not Forgotten, about a small town struggling to survive in today’s global economy.

When it comes to just photography, Archetypes stood out with its black and white stunning images, while What I Thought You Saw, left me wanting, when you consider your canvas is Brooklyn and Manhattan.

From the iBooks I have viewed in iTunes, I was unable to find to locate an edition featuring the work of an iPhoneographer, other than a How To e-Book. But then as of June 20, there are 1863 iBooks on photography available, with 256 free, I remain optimistic in finding a couple. In closing, I wish to comment that despite English is the dominating language, do not over look foreign iBook editions, you may just be pleasantly surprised.

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