Weekly Showcase


This week, The iPhone Arts ‘Weekly Showcase’ and ‘Curators Choice’ selections for the past week favorite images that was posted by iPhoneographers using the hashtag #the_iphone_arts. From the weeks selection, the best image is chosen as the ‘Curators Choice’. Selection process is from Monday through Sunday and then posted each Tuesday.

Curator’s Choice

Ornella Ascolese - Italy  (IG:#ornellaascolese)

This weeks ‘Weekly Showcase’

Luis Dindo Martinez - Phillipines (IG:#luligilum)

Greg Gorman
Anna - Russia (IG:#annakur)

You’d kill yourself for recognition, kill yourself to never ever stop
Lee Thatcher - England (IG:#leethatch)

Fell Like Indian
Aldamarie - France (IG:#alidamarie_2)

Dieting the Fine Line - The Female Battle Against Fat
Michelle Robinson - Australia (IG:#michmutters)

Man in the mirror
Andres de Leon - Spain (IG:#aenede)

Nico - France (IG:#nzphoto)

Suffer in the sun
David Ruser - USA (IG:#painterdave)

If you don’t like the dark side of the moon, stay in the sun
Ione - England (IG:#ionecell)

Some things in life may change. But some things they stay the same.
Lee Thatcher - England (IG:#leethatch)

          Would you like to have your photographic art appear here?

Key requirement is that the image must have been taken with an iPhone or other smartphone and it must then be tagged with #the_iphone_arts. 

We also urge that you familiarize yourself with previous ‘Weekly Showcase’ winning selections and read the ‘Submission Guidelines,’ where you will also be presented with a slideshow of examples.

Remember the purpose of the ‘Weekly Showcase’ is to present the new digital fine art that is possible with an iPhone or other smartphone. 

* All images displayed here are copyrighted to the artist and may not be reproduced without the consent from the respective artist.

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