Street Photography

From the Chinatown series
Egmont - USA (IG: #egmont_the_artist)

I have had always a very strong interest in street photography from journalism reportage to documentary photography as far back as my teens when on a bicycle ride down Skyline Boulevard, I came across an overturned vehicle in a gully. Ambulance had already arrived and they were bringing up the injured person, while other bystanders were helping out. I, on the other hand, retrieved my camera and started taking pictures. This was my first experience with street photography.

Over the next five decades I have never lost the passion and drive to do what ever it takes to obtain the image. Results were never assured and that was part of the rush. Of course these days with digital photography, in which we can see immediate results, I find I continue shooting as long as the situation allows, but once I sense I am losing the edge, I depart. For the key to good street photography is to avoid confrontation at all cost, this alone is the best advice I can give to anyone intended on street photography. Also remember that avoiding any direct eye contact is another way to avoid any possible confrontation with the subject matter. Of course, depending on the situation, a smile never hurts and only you can be the best judge of what to do in a particular situation.

Earlier I mentioned that street photography is a form of journalism and documentary photography and the differences between the two is the photographers approach in what to include or leave out of the image, driven by the message the photographer wishes to convey with their photograph.

Berlin Charlottenburg
Cornelia - Germany (IG: #corneliaw)

When we look at Cornelia’s photo Berlin Charlottenburg, we are treated to form of ambiance. We are lead into the image by the elaborate stone work path towards an older building with a general store on the ground floor with a table and chairs for its customers, while the shopkeeper or peddler has set up his own table to sell goods and second hand clothing. There are also two boys idling about in front of the store. 

Svetlana - Russia (IG: #prinny)

In this photo by Svetlana, the message is the same as with Cornelia’s photograph, it is ‘a slice of life,’ uncomplicated, charming and nostalgic. A form of innocence is present in these photographs, yet street photography covers a wide range of emotions, including that when we are confronted by it, we turn our heads away, pretending it does not exist as with Inebriated.

Egmont - USA (IG: #egmont_the_artist)

Yet even this image has merits on its own terms, documenting a situation that is all to real because it is part of life. 

Each street photographer has his or her own preference as to type of subject matter and location they are most comfortable wiring in and I certainly have mine, preferring crowded locations that allow me to get up close to my subject matter. Then there are those locations, like skid row where the lost, the forgotten and the degenerates can be found. A place most would prefer to avoid but I seem to be drawn to, mostly because of the variety of interesting characters one can encounter there.

Tatyana - Russia (IG: #ttapioka)

We street photographers can exchange stories and plenty of advice in how best to capture an image, but there is nothing more important then what a guerrilla street photographer can pass along, then one about safety. What ever your favorite working environment in which to capture your street photographs, be aware of your surroundings, the changes occurring behind you by looking back often and always know the area you are in. 

Klatsch und Tratsch
Julia - Germany (IG: #sonnenstern)

Alexander - Germany (IG: #blende79)

9:39 PM . . .   after a tasty dinner
Tatyana - Russia (IG: #ttapioka)

Miguel - Portugal (IG: #miguelpate)

Alex - Russia (IG: #ptitzin)

Berlin Kreuzberg Mustafas Gemüse Kebap
Cornelia - Germany (IG: #corneliaw)

At the Watercress Fair, Méréville
Valerie de Palma - France (IG: #zouc123)

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