Fifth of May adventures in Hipstaland

Three weeks ago I attended a Cinco de Mayo party at the headquarters of software developers Synthetic, also known as Hipstamatic, a popular camera application for the iPhone available at iTunes. One passed through heavy wooden hacienda style doors into a small reception area and then through another wide door into a waiting area that opens up to a large room. There the Limousines DJ’s had set up a sound system just in front the Hipstamatic marquee post sign. 

The area had filled quickly with guests and conversation ensued, and many pictures were taken with an iPhone to capture the moment.

A number of guests headed up to the roof patio, as it was a perfect night and a full moon appeared that evening larger then usual, as it was the closest to the earth all year.

On another lever, passed the Macintosh work stations is the conference room, where Hipstamatic had set up a staging area with two studio lights and plenty of south of the border props. 


Throughout the evening, guest ventured into the conference room for some silly fun, as others and myself took part in capturing the merriment.

People moved back and forth between the floors, the roof patio and back to the dance floor, which by now had filled up nicely.


Even during festive moments ones iPhone keeps others abreast of the evenings progress and though the iPhone’s camera was king, a few took the LoFi Lomography approach in recording the evening.

In the meantime, I head back once more to the dance floor, to further test the iPhone under constant movement in combination to low light conditions, something the iPhone and other smartphones fall short in providing acceptable results, mostly due to a major increase in grain.


I had a wonderful evening and it was a pleasure to see Douglas Lambert again and engage in conversation before duty called him away. In the meantime, have a look out for their free on-line monthly magazine for the iPad called , which is being launched this coming June.

All photographs by ©2012 Egmont van Dyck 

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