Venturing into new territory

There comes a time when one has to face the inevitable and take the plunge after weeks of research, constructing the elements of the website, along building the adjoining sites, like The iPhone Arts FaceBook page and other social venues. Yet after a few distractions, like an Easter weekend trip to visit San Francisco, where I ended up taking a good quantity of photographs with the iPhone, only to end up processing the images for the next four days, but now things are back on track.

Entrance to San Francisco Chinatown

Though I will be unable to lay out all the various ideas for The iPhone Arts website, I can share with you some of my goals, as they had cemented themselves early on, which in turn brought about the idea of the website.

I purchased my first iPhone when version 2 was released, but it was not until my son presented me with an iPhone 4S as a Christmas gift. Yet it was not for several more weeks before i finally began exploring the smartphone as a camera. It was during an editorial project for ‘Family Secrets Revisited’ in which I needed a photograph for one of my other blogs. 

Editorial image for the ‘Family Secrets Revisited’

First I used my regular Nikon D70 DSLR camera and then switched to trying  the iPhone and before the project was completed, I was hocked. Now I wanted to explore the potential of the iPhone 4S as a serious camera, including its limitations.

Over the next weeks and months, I will share with you some of my experiences using the camera in a studio setting or out in the field; reviews of photo/video applications, and especially introduce you to the works by other iPhoneographers. 

Turning a photo made to look like an old painting

This includes sharing my workflow from taking the picture, through post production and achieving the final look through various software programs.

On the drawing board are plans to write about hashtags, what they are and getting the most out of them. Examples of street photography and how to go about capturing life as it happens. 

However the main objectives of this website is to demonstrate that the iPhone can be used to create serious photographic fine art and that the iPhone is more than just a camera for taking family snapshots or recording ones daily activities.

So will you not join me and together we will venture into the new territory of iPhoneography and change the future of photography.

All photographs taken with the iPhone 4S, processed using Photoshop and Snapseed. 
Copyright ©2012 Egmont van Dyck

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